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Artist, LIVE! is a program teaching creatives (of all kinds) to channel their inner muse, shift subconscious blocks and create art that transforms the world by aligning with an endless flow of inspiration, without destroying themselves and drowning in self-sabotage before they 'make it'. 

This transformational container combines advanced energy work, subconscious mind repatterning, and actionable steps to engage in healthy self-expression, transforming your experience of the world and your craft along the way.

  Over the course of 3 months, you will receive:

  • Weekly live coaching in a deeply supportive energy healing container.

  • A methodical process to transform chaos, creative blocks, self-doubt, and sabotage to self belief, creative nourishment and a more connected and joyful life.

  • Strategies to implement more curiosity, joy, and imagination.

  • Teachings on channeling your endless innate inspiration, so you can utilize external muses by choice, not by necessity.

  • Advanced energetic activations to bring forth your true self and truest desires.

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Interested? This program is created for you if:

  • You are a creative desiring healthy expression and depth in your craft.

  • You have a burning desire to inspire people with your work.

  • You've hit roadblocks in your creative career but neither practical action nor therapy aren't solving it.

  • Something within you lights a fire that says, "one way or another, I'll get to my goals" and you are committed to taking the steps to get there.

  • You have a foundational understanding of energy and how to open up to energy work, or you learn and implement these concepts on your own fast.

  • Your spiritual growth is important to you.

Congratulations on taking your first step to creative wellness and deeper self-expression!

Your wellness deserves to be at the center of your table.

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Eliminate Creative Suffering

The topic of self-destructing artists is an age-old discussion, and a major problem. 

"Norwegian painter Edvard Munch, who was hospitalized several times for psychiatric illness, remarked:

“A German once said to me: ‘But if you could rid yourself of many of your troubles.’ To which I replied: ‘They are part of me and my art. They are indistinguishable from me, and it would destroy my art. I want to keep those sufferings’"

-Edvard Munch, painter noted for The Scream

(quoted in Stang, 1979, p. 107).

Read more here.

While pain and long hours perfecting your craft might inspire creative action and improve your skill short-term, long-term they inflict negative effects on your creative mind and heart.


Depression, anger, and erratic states are stirred up and even subconsciously inflicted in order to create.


Spending too many long hours at your craft over time leads to deeply set creative blocks in a subconscious attempt to protect your art and health. 

We’ve seen actors end their life after method acting, a technique that brings actors beyond portraying a character into shape shifting to become them. 

Others, like Tom Hanks in Castaways, experienced life-threatening illnesses preparing for their role.

World renowned musician Adele is known to have said, "I'm only really creative when I'm a bit momentarily depressed" (Source). She recently shared with Oprah her troublesome experience maintaining pain as a muse. 

Our minds are not equipped to handle long tortuous or depressive states. Our bodies take cues from our minds and begin breakdown upon lengthy episodes of stress.


On the other hand, our bodies heal and better sustain themselves when our mental state is stable and well.

If your best work is produced under pressure, desire for financial gain, or suffering you likely have felt a yearning to break free and truly live. 

You will learn how to do this in this program.

If you fear presenting your work in anticipation of response, I assure you that creative confidence awaits.

Dismissing the power of our creative ability causes us to feel trapped, powerless, out of control, and spread thin. 

Choosing your wellness and your art is a powerful declaration to yourself, and your creative field. 

It's a life changing experience that shifts your strategy for personal performance.

This is possible with the right tools, proper guidance and a plan to take you through a transformative process of bringing who you truly are into the world.


So you can experience creative freedom and no longer feel at the demands and pressures of others, or fear that you'll sacrifice a piece of yourself for your work.

This is what you'll find inside Artist, LIVE!

This is a declaration to artists: You do not need to destroy yourself to create your best work. Direct your dedicated energy towards creating in ways that bring you depth of purpose and nourishment to your life.


Your creativity has a deeper purpose.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you share important information on an energetic network to the audience of your work. So as an artist, you are a leader. 

Your artistic message sends internal signals and energetic downloads to the viewer, directing resonant emotion through their body and mind.

Your expression can be viewed as a mode of energetic channeling. 

A higher purpose of your responsible leadership and divine creativity is awakening inspiration, excitement, possibility, practical action and joy within yourself and others. 

All important building blocks of healthy, stable creation and a vehicle for success.

All things that remind the viewer of what ultimately matters in life on a subconscious level, freeing each person and soul from a monotonous experience, inviting them to a more expansive existence of the world.

It’s a vehicle of the greater peace we all subconsciously desire, and our medium is through our physical body.

So by invoking these higher elements of joy, imagination, excitement and peace within yourself and interrupting the flow of monotony, creative slavery, and destruction, you set yourself free.

You remind yourself what matters and you commit yourself to an internal purpose, a mission.

Your creative message becomes clear, you begin to evolve as a human, in your spiritual path and you align with your divine nature.

Each and every one of us came into this world by a deeply creative process; energetic creativity. If you are living and breathing, you have a latent flow of creative power you can tap into. 


It's not just possible that you will change, it is probable.

The direction of your personal change is in your hands.

You can do this too.

By committing to consistently showing up towards your vision and changing your perspective and experience, you will have major shifts in your being and your artistic expression.

It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when.

With guided support and accountability, you will achieve:

  • A new, joyful perspective from which to experience the world and your art.

  • Elimination of creative blocks

  • Emotional expression vs. remaining in a state of suffering for your art.

  • A deepening of your understanding of yourself and capability at your core.

  • Practiced understanding of channeling your inner muse

And you will eliminate:

  • Using pain and suffering as a muse

  • The struggle of going through a co-creative transformational space alone

  • Feeling like you're in a state of creative inability or slavery

  • Not understanding how to achieve your personal transformation

  • The uncertainty of being able to truly achieve wellness as a creative.

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the Divine Witness

My story

I'm here to improve the way we do creativity. To help move the creative industry along by being a guide and consultant towards embracing wellness and our innate spirituality within our process.


My approach has been called "radical" and "transformational."  Clients tell me that what I do is not an "energy clearing," it's a "pouring into." This aligns with me greatly, it matches my motto, that we must do from a filled cup, and we must fill our cup before we fill others'.

I gained this motto through my own journey, learning to overcome struggles and approach my life in spiritual and material balance. Before I became a transformational 'filler of cups' and a Channel for the Divine, I struggled to overcome traumatic experiences which left me depressed, fearful and immobile.


During this time I created through suffering, and found, like many artists, that I inadvertently sought pain and depressive states in order to create. I unknowingly self-sabotaged when I needed healing.

I got the chance to start over after a spontaneous spiritual awakening during my first energy work experience. I walked away from the massage table with my emotional and mental health more than completely restored and my soul ignited.


I experienced the world as if I was dropped onto the earth for the first time.  I witnessed the environment and people in a completely vibrant (and exciting) light with no trace of suffering.


Motivated by the possibility of transforming life’s ills, I dedicated a relentless decade learning how to approach stuck emotions, the subconscious mind, traumatic experiences and energetic blockages through energy work in co-creation with the Divine. 

I learned to recreate that rebirth by supporting energy work with incorporating healthy mental habits and changing the perspective of the world.

Part of my success in overcoming those traumatic experiences which left my creativity and imagination a leaky faucet was learning how to connect with Divine inspiration and motivation. 

This shifted my experience of the objects and nature around me, connecting me to the world in a deeper way, showing me how to view the world through the lens of possibility.

During that decade, from experience of taking myself and others through rapid transformation I learned this work requires self-compassion, patience, and the ability to see our improvements. This experience is a journey so it requires a bit of a mover & shaker attitude, exploration and a daringness to succeed. Buckling in and enjoying the ride always helps!

The support of others in alignment with your true nature and who welcome your transformation, is necessary and completely available to us, even if we need to get a little creative.

From here, I followed my love of creativity and guiding others to see and experience their Divine nature, and was introduced to my mission:


to bring the reality of divine inspiration into the hearts of artists, and create spaces of creative exploration and whole bodied, spiritual wellness.


It is my commitment to bring health into the creative field and help spiritually inclined creatives with a mission to bring goodwill into the world eliminate feelings of unworthiness, incapability and powerlessness and approach their work with joy, imagination, curiosity, and wonder.

I’m rooting for every one of us. 

It’s time we change the wellbeing of creatives and begin the conversation about what it means to be truly creative.

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