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Receive a Personal Transmission

Receive Divine Perspective on your spiritual growth. 

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Part of Spiritual growth is clear awareness and discernment. It's important to listen to and heed your intuitive knowing, and your personal intuitive guidance. Every individual is a reflection of the Divine, with our own way of knowing what's ultimately in alignment with our choices.

Those who have discovered significant shifts working personally with me are those who took their spiritual growth in their hands and committed to their own journey of self realization. They value wellness as a way of life, and hold deep reverence for life. Working with me, these individuals experienced significant transformations of Self, their Awareness, and massive transformations with how they show up in the world based on their Remembrance of Divine Nature.

Those who can best utilize these messages are connected to Divine Nature, seeking further unfoldment and creation from Divinity. Those who are connecting to receive the reflection of the frequency Divine Knowing has inspired within them to create.


The Transmissions I share are best utilized alongside your consistent effort towards your Divine unfoldment, and exist in creation as a marker to assist you in holding this higher Perspective. 

Those who are not ready to commit to full responsibility of their internal and Divine self are not in alignment with my Transmissions, and will not receive the full benefit of what they provide.

These Transmissions are not a replacement for your inner work and shifts, and those who attempt to approach life solely relying on these Transmissions or viewing them as novelty are not in alignment with the Transmissions, and will not receive the full benefit of what they provide. 

These intricate Transmissions are shared with deep respect and reverence towards the "I" that resides within you and all beings, and they are in alignment with those who reflect respect and honor the Transmission and Divinity shared.

My Transmissions are in alignment with those who follow the internal whisper that guides them to strive for Better, their Highest Divine Path, for Divinity, for Truth, and for complete unfoldment into the Divine. 

Receive these Transmissions lightly, receive them into your Soul and Being, and allow your inner knowing to guide you on how to apply them to your life and experience. You always may reach out for further clarification on applying the Transmission to an experience, but know that if it ties into another question, that it will be requested that you book another space for that specific question.

You will receive a response via written, video, or audio format. If you feel the response would support collective consciousness, please share at checkout that you would like the response to be anonymously shared on instagram, YouTube, or website.

Why "Truth?"

Truth refers to the Awareness of the pervasive spirit that is within us all. In the earthly realm, we are aware that the consciousness which activates and animates our being during life, is no longer present and functioning in the body at the time of dissolution. In Divine Perspective, there is a spirit within each of our natures which is connected beyond earthly realms, and which operates and returns to Oneness. This is the Truth I refer to, it is all Knowing, contains more awareness than our earthly bodies allow for at any given time. It is peaceful, loving, pervasive, and pure. It exists and persists, to create, to grow, to experience, and to experience LIFE beyond the earthly realm.