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Maya the Divine Witness is a highly sought-after creative, Divine Channel, and energy healer with an affinity for the subconscious mind and transforming life's ills into greater potential and practical possibility.

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Channeled Messages & Divine Guidance

People all over the world are booking Maya to receive

clarity, reclaim self-authority and deepen creative expression, while implementing Divine teachings and life-changing spiritual knowledge.

Artist, LIVE!

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Energy Healing Services

Maya offers the following services to help creatives improve self-expression, refine true self-authority and spiritual wellness.

  • Breakthrough Energy Healing Services (1.5 hour session)

  • 3 Package Session (to be used within one month towards a particular challenge or goal).

  • Fast Track Month Package Session (7 hours total, towards a practical goal, must be used within the same month).

  • Determined 3 Months Package Session (21 hours, for those with great self-discipline, or committed to improving their self-discipline, and are ready for significant change).

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Contact Maya to discover how she can help, and to find the right service for you.

Energy Healing Services

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