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Innately Inspired is a program advising creatives with proficiency in their craft learn to channel Divine energy through their singing voice, visual form, or instrument, and to create the art their spirit desires to impart with the world, unapologetically, confidently, and overflowing with magic. 

You want to explore the "edges" of your craft and what you are capable of, and desire mastery and play. Now is the time to elevate the playing field and awareness of who you are. Embark upon the deeply fulfilling path of embracing your Divinity and channel spiritual information into your creative expression, opening the door to the powerful gifts you've brought into the world. It's time to let your creative capability surprise you.


On this path, you will work out the kinks in channeling your divine messages into your medium, receive experienced guidance on deepening and elevating your craft, integrate your ancient and Innate Being into your creative process, learn how to make the spiritually abstract possible and improve the foundation of your spiritual-creative work. 

  Over the course of 2 months, you will receive:

  • Guidance through channeling your divine information into your singing voice, art, or instrument.

  • Weekly advising on realizing the next level of your spiritual-creative ability through physical and energetic activity.

  • Channeled information to implement your higher dimensional work into the 3d.

  • Energetic Activations to assist your transformation into operating from the grand wholeness of your Being. 

painting and sculpting

Interested? This program is created for you if:

  • You've achieved a level of desired success and want to take your art or music to the next level and use it as a vessel of goodwill.

  • You're a seeker of higher information and are ready to explore your divinity and it's integration with your creative expression.

  • You're called to embrace mastery of your craft and are ready for assistance in bridging your creativity with your higher communication

  • You desire to live a life expressing from your Innate Being and embracing the wholeness of who You are.

Now is the time
that Giants step out in solidarity, sound the siren of Unity,
and be seen and witnessed in the delight of Divinity.
for eternity.

Maya, the Divine Witness

man with glitter on face looking to the left

Your Creative Truth

You didn't come here to play it small.

We came at a time to realize our infinite creative truths. To lay down a path for what's to come, to innovate, to inspire, to overcome. When we join hands in solidarity, we eliminate the fear of stepping out alone. We support one another in our endeavors and allow for inspired creative exploration to be experienced.

-Maya the Divine Witness

It's possible that to get here,  you had to be alienated.

On one hand, it was an experience of pain and desire to belong. On the other hand, it was your path of liberation to unapologetically create something new.

You brought something different, unseen of, unheard, yet to be witnessed. 

That is your power.

What is it you are birthing into this world?

What is this unique expression desiring to be surfaced and seen within you?


It's time to step fully into your creative purpose, hear what your etheric, innate and ancient being is inspiring within you, and allow it to be grounded into reality.

Unleash your message. Cultivate your courage. Let your work be seen.

This is unchartered territory. There are no rules, no guidelines. You are a pioneer.

To allow your message to come forward, you have to listen. This is where the support of community provides stability and a light towards your next steps. This is where we inspire one another, where trust in our own ability and in Divine gives us solid footing to step on.

You've already witnessed how trust operates in your spiritual life, how leaning forward, listening, and allowing brings you exactly where you need to be. You've creatively explored and know there is something more to be experienced in your being tugging at you.

At this point, it's likely you're ready to jump all in, if only you remembered how to get there.

This program is designed to be that necessary stable footing from which to inspire clear knowing, provide exploration, direction, clarity, grounding, understanding, and integration for your highest work so you can translate what you do into the earthly realms as  it is meant to be expressed.

It's time to allow the creative  downloads and messages to flow freely.

By accepting these messages, you unlock a significant part of your Being and understanding of who you are.

It's also a part of learning to fully enjoy life, in deep co-creation and full expression with the universe.

What an inspiring gift you are sharing with the world.

Your next transformation is available through a platform to accept your calling, This is made possible with the proper guidance to take you through a tangible process of bringing your True expression out into the world.

This is what you'll find inside Innately Inspired!

This is a declaration to artists: You do not need to destroy yourself to create your best work. Direct your dedicated energy towards creating in ways that bring you depth of purpose and nourishment to your life.


Your creativity has a deeper purpose.

You've unlocked a significant part of your being already.

You've made concrete choices that aligned you with the higher truth you recognize in the universe, and chose to be a voice, a vessel, a channel of this infinite knowing.

It's commendable that you are here.

We give honor to the earthly realms by exploring the next experience of creation and what it means to be a creative in flow.

Speaking what we know from the depth of our heart and innate being into our craft is the vehicle of higher information and coding.

Opening this door means welcoming in new experiences, showing others greater possibility, and weaving your thread in this universal golden fabric.

It means determining that your etheric ability is worth being explored, that your experiences were in fact leading you to something greater.

As creatives, we share special messages to the world that touch the hearts of individuals.  The world around us changes when our artistic message is downloaded and perceived by others. Once our etheric presence is received we set off a beautiful chain reaction through our viewers.

These changes alter the timeline, creating reverberating shifts throughout time and space.

By embracing these truths, we set ourselves and each other free, to operate in our higher knowing.

This calling is what we came for.

Your message is worth being explored.

Each and every one of us came into this world by a deeply creative process; energetic creativity. If you are living and breathing, you have a latent flow of creative power you can tap into. 


It's not just possible that you will change, it is probable.

The direction of your personal change is in your hands.

You can do this too.

At this point, you've seen what you can do. You're skilled at your medium, and have embraced failure which led you to success. You know your power, and know there is more to be unlocked.

There is a beautiful path waiting to be explored, and this passageway might surprise you.

With guided support and accountability, you will achieve:

  • Overcoming blockages in your process and ability to channel

  • An intrinsic confidence  in your etheric nature and  message.

  • Understanding how to operate from your heart and be the vessel for your craft.

  • Speaking light language.

  • Practiced  experience in channeling Divine information and downloads through your singing voice, art, or instrument.

  • A deeper connection to your ancient and Higher essence and abilities. 

And you will eliminate:

  • Self-doubt

  • The struggle of going through a co-creative transformational space alone

  • The blockage that prevents you from seeing, feeling, and operating from the fullness of the Divine Essence that  you are, and capable of anchoring into this 3d world.

  • Not understanding how to achieve your personal transformation

  • Uncertainty in your Divinely Creative mission.


the Divine Witness

My story

Before I became a transformational energy worker and a Channel for the Divine, I struggled to overcome traumatic experiences which left me depressed, fearful and immobile.


During this time I created through suffering, and found, like many artists, that I inadvertently sought pain and depressive states in order to create. I unknowingly self-sabotaged when I needed healing.

I got the chance to start over after a spontaneous spiritual awakening during my first energy work experience. I walked away from the massage table with my emotional and mental health more than completely restored and my soul ignited.


I experienced the world as if I was dropped onto the earth for the first time.  I witnessed the environment and people in a completely vibrant (and exciting) light with no trace of suffering.


Motivated by the possibility of transforming life’s ills, I dedicated a relentless decade learning how to approach stuck emotions, the subconscious mind, traumatic experiences and energetic blockages through energy work in co-creation with the Divine. 

I learned to recreate that rebirth by supporting energy work with incorporating healthy mental habits and changing the perspective of the world.

Part of my success in overcoming those traumatic experiences which left my creativity and imagination a leaky faucet was learning how to connect with Divine inspiration and motivation. 

This shifted my experience of the objects and nature around me, connecting me to the world in a deeper way, showing me how to view the world through the lens of possibility.

During that decade, from experience of taking myself and others through rapid transformation I learned this work requires self-compassion, patience, and the ability to see our improvements. This experience is a journey so it requires a bit of a mover & shaker attitude, exploration and a daringness to succeed. Buckling in and enjoying the ride always helps!

The support of others in alignment with your true nature and who welcome your transformation, is necessary and completely available to us, even if we need to get a little creative.

From here, I followed my love of creativity and guiding others to see and experience their Divine nature, and was introduced to my mission:


to bring the reality of divine inspiration into the hearts of artists, and create spaces of creative exploration and whole bodied, spiritual wellness.


It is my commitment to bring health into the creative field and help spiritually inclined creatives with a mission to bring goodwill into the world eliminate feelings of unworthiness, incapability and powerlessness and approach their work with joy, imagination, curiosity, and wonder.

I’m rooting for every one of us. 

It’s time we change the wellbeing of creatives and begin the conversation about what it means to be truly creative.

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