Important Note. The mind is powerful. Beyond a cliche statement, the mind is behind more than we currently know. The mind is sometimes behind body symptoms, including pain and dysbiosis. It is also behind our strength, our ability to heal and regenerate, our ability to create and inspire, to intuit and communicate telepathically, and is behind our ability to keep on going. Understanding and mastering the mind and the subconscious mind will serve you beautifully well, and will take you places you never realized possible.

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Addressing trauma: there are much more avenues for trauma healing available today than there was in the past. Energy healing will assist, somatic therapy, therapy, qigong, expressing yourself more, surrounding yourself with truly wonderful people who care for you, doing the things that you love to do and feed you health, all helps. Singing, dancing, being playful. Healing trauma doesn't have to be all tears, but tears are important to release.

Brain retraining programs 

Exploring the world with wonder.

Learning to catch yourself before acting out those old patterns and ways of being.