Spirit and Energetics

Important Note. Personally, the most important thing for me was connecting with a Naturopath who respected my body intuition and utilized it in my protocol. Sometimes high energy creates odd symptoms and experiences in the body. It's important to be able to decipher energy vs body, and have a professional who has great insight to your unique situation. Emergency medicine and imaging has a great place however I found that Western Medicine, Internal Medicine, and even Functional medicine didn't hit the nail on the head for my energy aware body. Naturopathic medicine was the one she was aligning me with. Additionally, while eating unprocessed (or lightly home processed) foods fuel the body,  it's important to Listen to the body and hear what it's telling you rather than jump from dietary fad to dietary fad. I connected with the body as a means to grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Let body challenges strengthen you and lead you to become a better listener and communicator. They too, are a way that the Divine speaks to us and our soul evolves. They too, are ways that we resolve past (and past life) separations from our Awareness as Divine.

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As simple and deep as stretching

Learning to stretch the fascia and stand properly.

Approaching eyesight differently

Balance the body with Qigong, utilize proper breathing and understand physical power differently. 

Maintain proper neck, tongue, jaw and head posture. Reverse the effects of modern technology living.

Not everybody will benefit from this one, but finding a knowledgeable, trustworthy, sound chiropractor that operates from a calm grounded space and never fear mongers. Some energetic issues actually stem from something being out of place, but be discerning and utilize your intuition.

Mindfulness in exercising.

Going to bed at sunset, waking at sunrise, and limiting technology at least 2 hours before bed. Getting morning, midday, and later day sun. Listening to the body when it's time to find shade, or go back inside.

Maintaining the natural pace. 

Being mindful of the environment, and your daily environment. Eliminating use of toxic materials, cleansers, makeup, and regularly checking your home for environmental toxins like mold. Our body is created to eliminate toxins, but some toxins remain in the body longer and add to our body's load. Lessen your load as much as you can and enjoy better health and stronger cells.

Maintaining a calm, pleasant outlook and understanding what is in your ability to change, and releasing the stress of what is not. The subconscious mind listens, it has voracious hunger, and will feed your body what you consistently tell it. Energy aware bodies are already experiencing a level of high stress, as you learn to manage your energy as a high energy being. Choosing to live a life of "que sera, sera" (what will be, will be) will drastically lessen your body's stress and lessen the stress on your nervous system.