It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance,

I am Maya the Divine Witness.

We Operate in Truth

The beauty of this world is what we perceive of it.

We have the incredible opportunity in this life to create our wildest dreams. We are more than capable of grasping our Divine light inside, mastering our Selves, conquering and closing out the experience of mental suffering, and operating from within the core of our Divine Hearts.


When we operate from Divine Truth, we step in line with the Divine and co-create. All we must do is take it step by step, adjust our Perspective to that of the Higher Awareness, and be content with Divine Timing. The present moment is our Gift here, and the more we allow ourselves to witness the beauty and incredible nature of our world, the more we resolve what it is inside of our heart's journeys that tears us away from being present. 


When we conquer the desire to lose ourselves in suffering, we begin to operate in the Light of the Divine. Our Creations are infused with love, joy, creativity, our lifestyles reflect this, and life becomes enthralling.. tantalizing, seductive... in the best way possible. We see the world through our True Self's lenses and the way we interact changes. 


This type of Divine Creativity is untouched, because it's ever unfolding, it's intimate and infinite, it's Divine and inspired and its experienced... through experience.

We cannot Think ourselves there...


We Live it.

Our Truth, The Divine

My perspective of Our Truth, the Divine, is of the Infinite Beauty of our Higher Possibilities. I see what's Possible, and I provide the Clarity and Ease of Understanding to Inspire others. Just like You are, I Am Ever Unfolding into Truth, Learning the Beautiful Expression of the Divine in this world, and speaking the language of the Divine. I Am here to Enjoy, Live, Learn, Laugh, Grow, and Inspire through Joy and Prosperity.


Our Joy is infectious. It is reminiscent of our True Natures, the Core of our Expression in Truth. The more you operate in Joy, the closer you are to accepting the Truth of your Being. When You make Joy a Priority, you are Committing to the Divinity within you, providing an outlet for your Expression, tapping into the flow of the Universe within you. You have Created a space for your Healing and your Constant Regeneration into the Divine.


In our Truth, We Are Infinite. We are Bright, Definitive, Divine, Clarity, and Ease. We are Wholesome and Whole, Peaceful and Calm. We can immortalize this experience into this world with the same Awareness of our experiences here upon Earth. There is No Experience without the Divine, so we Know that Behind Lack there is Abundance. Underneath Sorrow there is Love and Acceptance. At the Heart of Fear, there is Conviction. We Never Need to Consciously remain Stuck in any Experience As Long As We Grasp this Concept of Infinite Abundance and Ease. We are Aware that We Learn to Commit to Our Divine Nature Through These Experiences felt in the Mind and the Body. Our Truth is Never Denied, In Truth.


Divine Peace is the Direct Awareness of our True Selves. It's the Experience of Sinking Into the Agreements of our Truth here on Earth, the Acceptance of our Senses, the gentleness we feel when we descend into our Bodies and become enveloped by the Present Moment. It's the Doorway to the Greatest Miracle there Is: Source.


Creativity is a natural byproduct of our innate connection and awareness to our Divine Truth. It's an intimate conversation between Our Selves and the Divine. Remaining open and in Connection with the Divine within and without opens our Awareness to Innovation and the ever unfolding nature of What's Possible in the Divine World. It keeps us ahead of the game, Listening, Experiencing, Innovating, Imagining, Creating... Creativity is the Ultimate Co-Creation with the World. It's the Basis of our Divine Experience and Existence.

You're invited to an Experience of
Co-Creation and Wonder

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    Sep 23, 7:00 PM – Oct 31, 8:33 PM
    Written format, audio, or video.
    Receive Higher Divine Awareness towards your spiritual growth.