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7 Days of Creative Freedom:
a 7 Day Energy 


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Spiritual artists, we are going through a deep transformation. This transformation is preparing us for greater downloads, integrations, and ways of being in the world and with our art. 
If you've felt the rumble of change and transformation coming, you know what I mean when I say the old cannot come with us. 

If you have been challenged with releasing the past, or you have come up to a time of accepting support, we are gathering on Clubhouse to provide exactly what you need at this stage.

Join us Monday February 7th-Sunday February 13th for a daily energy clearing through the main energy enters to excavate, dissolve, release, and clear the boulders in the way of your divine creativity. Be a part of the journey from excavation to Divine Vessel, clearer in your innate knowing, creative inspirations and divinely motivated pursuits.

We will meet on Clubhouse under the club "Inspired Creatives." Join today.

Clubhouse Schedule

Monday February 7th - Thursday February 10th

6 pm est

Friday February 11th

4 pm est

Saturday February 12th - Sunday February 13th

1 pm est

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