Meditations and Transmissions

Additional meditations and transmissions from the Divine.

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Divine Love Transmission

You are part of a Divine Choir, an Instrument of Divine Love. Sink into the Now moment and provide yourself with a space to Remember, to Receive, to Accept, and to Release. This is your Divine Moment. A message from God/Oneness/Unity/Divine.

You are Loved, and there is No moment where you cease to be Loved.


True Self Transmission: True Self and Discernment

The True Self is navigated only by your Awareness and sensitivity to feel. It grows clearer through your commitment to carving out your inner "heaven", your inner space crafted of clarity, peace, and Divine Will. Don't seek an instructional manual to reach it, rather return to your natural function in meditation and feel for it, cleanse your inner space and settle into the silence.

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The Holding Cell: Living with the Veil Removed

A tip and message for those unfolding to their Journey of Self. 

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