A Divine Transmission towards your spiritual unfoldment and growth.

  • 30 minutes
  • 60 US dollars
  • I will send you Transmissions online, either in audio, written, or video format.

Service Description

In Truth, We are in Support of one another. This Divine Transmission is shared to you for your creation from Divinity, your embodiment, for your growth in Awareness and Perspective, and to allow remembrance of your (and the world around you) Divinity. This service is provided to provide Divine Reflection towards 1 inquiry. Any question you have regarding your spiritual growth is responded to from a place of the Divine Field, with reverence and respect to your Divinity. In simpler terms, you will receive a 30 minute personal "channeled" message. I will choose to share the Transmission in either audio, written, or video format within 7 days unless I have contacted you to discuss otherwise. You may purchase more than one question at a time. If you ask multiple inquiries under one purchase I will answer the one question I am led to. You may ask for reflection towards what your Divine Knowing inspires you to Create, questions regarding spirituality, your spiritual awareness, your spiritual growth, creativity, or other questions regarding your life. I will share a response to Reflect to you Divine Truth. You can best utilize this service by receiving the Transmission, which is shared not only through text or voice, but which is sent upon responding, to your Highest Self. Affirm that you consciously receive the energetic Transmission, to allow for your conscious awareness of the remembrance being cultivated. Don't forget, you hold the responsibility for your spiritual growth, and this Transmission is supportive to your Divine unfoldment. You contain the keys, and your experience from this Transmission is personal and unique to you. It does not promise to solve, cure, change or otherwise remove an issue from your life. I will not violate privacy or energies of others. Questions regarding relationships are responded to with your soul's lessons and the opportunities present for your soul's growth and unfoldment unto the Divine. I do not delve into the energies of others. There are no refunds for this service. By purchasing this service, you agree to this. I do not delve into the future unless naturally channeled. Trust in the Divine is cultivated by allowing the Divine space in creating the "how", and committing our sights to what is within our own Divine Personal Responsibility. I look forward to Reflecting a space of Divine Remembrance with you.

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